Monday, February 24, 2020

How to become a certified ethical hacker?

It was found that by the end of 2018, 68% of the businesses across the globe were
affected by cyber-attacks, whereas in the Indian market this was 76%. Therefore,
there’s a massive demand for CEH professionals in the industry today.

What is the role of a CEH professional?

Ethical hacker is somebody who eliminates black hat hackers from the systems of
the organization and keeps the data, networks safe by identifying potential threats.
An ethical hacker is also a part of the security team who during a cyber-attack
helps the organization in handling the damages and provide the support that
protects the networks and monitors the networks for any irregularities.
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Your job as an ethical hacking course would have days with a lot of stress and
days with nothing of this sort. This depends entirely on the security of the networks.
For security to be strong it is important that an applicant must have a strong

history in computer security. Which means a CEH must have a knowledge about: -

  • Making scripts having the ability to test the vulnerabilities and penetration
  • Developing low-level tools which can enhance security monitoring and testing
  • Sharing detailed reports with their team and executive about document security findings
  • Assessing risk across the networks including hardware and software.
  • And informing both the software and hardware developers about these vulnerabilities
  • Setting up security policies to make protected practice for the personnel
  • Reviewing & hiring vendors for security system incorporation
  • Training peers and subordinates on best practices for network security

Whatever network or security that a CEH creates or work upon, he/she works on
them on the based upon the following rules: -

  • Would operate preferably with written and express permissions to
  • hack a given network
  • Respect the privacy policy
  • Would also keep their work hidden such nobody can exploit it

What is the Scope of Ethical Hackers?
Before we rush into the scope of an Ethical Hacker let’s just first identify where all do
we need where all is the requirement for such professionals. Ethical Hackers are
generally hired by IT firms, government agencies like the special forces,
defense organizations, detective companies, forensic laboratories and in
investigating service.

Internet security and networking are the two fastest-growing segments in ethical
hackers where one can find employment. Ethical hackers are hired to find any
vulnerabilities that might exist in a network and to fix them. They can join the
government as well as private organizations as cyber-security experts.
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It has been seen that Ethical hackers in the past have been massively hired
by companies like Reliance, Airtel, HCL, Mahindra, TCS & IBM. Furthermore,
Ethical hackers have also been in high demand amongst the Federal Bureau
of Information & the National Security Agency. Along with this, there are
various organizations that employ contractors to audit their systems and security testers.

Steps to begin your CEH Career

  • Enroll at an authorized training center like Mercury Solutions providing CEH training under the guidelines of EC Council.
  • Get trained at least for 30 days 
  • Register for the CEH exam 
  • Take up the exam 

Note: CEH is one of the few certifications that professionals can take up after
the 12th. It perhaps is the perfect course in IT if you are looking for
IT courses for beginners. Professionals taking up CEH certifications would
end up making an annual income of $146,000 to $300,000 as a fresher in this field.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it?

In today’s world, when the IT companies are shifting towards the cloud, being Microsoft certified for the same holds a certain value that would really help professionals to get a rewarding career and future-proofed profile, in this field. There is no doubt that being certified provides you with better chances of being considered for an interview or getting a job. However, Azure is one of the top cloud computing platforms and being certified in it showcases your expertise in the domain.
I would suggest that you should look for some training to get this credential. I took my training from the Mercury Solutions when I had to clear the exam to get certified in Azure.
I took Live Virtual Classes (LVC) which was a 3-day training in Azure. I must say that the training prepared me well for the exam and I was able to clear it.
It will be beneficial in various ways:
  • Getting certified for a Microsoft credential would definitely be an extra pair of hands for you to get better job opportunities in the field.
  • A Microsoft certified professional brings in a sum of $145,438-$157,834 on an average.
  • Clearing this exam would help you get recognition and would promote better career growth.
So, the answer to your question is that Microsoft Azure training is definitely worth it and you should go for it if you are looking to pace forward in this field. All the best!

Which azure certification should a beginner take?

To begin with, in cloud technology, one needs to have a basic knowledge of network topologies, devices, firewalls, and virtualization. Once you attain some kind of knowledge on the above domains, then you may seek for the domains that you have an interest in.
This background knowledge and minimum experience with hands-on networking or development or administrator technology will enable you to understand the Cloud Computing concepts and models easily when you opt for further learning into Azure.

Previously, there were simple paths – MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate), after completing MTA – (Microsoft Technology Associate). And then there were two exams, either you can go for “70–532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” or “70–533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions”. So, once you pass the exam you attain the MCSA credential.
However, things have changed now, with the launch of new Azure role-based certification. Each of the main 3 domains i.e – Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, require role-specific skills and knowledge.
  1. While, for Azure solutions architect expert you require proficiency in Azure administration, development, and expert-level skills, For
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credentials you need – proficiency in using PowerShell, Azure Portal, ARM templates, operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking.
  3. And for Azure Developer Associate certification, you require to have proficiency in developing apps & services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, computer, and communications and Ideally, a candidate must have at least 1-year of software development experience and skilled in at least one cloud-supported programing language.
There are more roles and exams that are going to be launched soon in the first quarter of 2019. Stay tuned for that.
Alternatively, for those who already have attained the previous exams they can simply give the transition exams and attain the newly launched skills and prove their mettle in this swiftly evolving Microsoft Azure playground.

What is the cost for the EC Council CEH exam only, not training?

To become an ethical hacker, you need to attend CEH Official training and clear the exam. If you choose to attend an officially authorized corresponding training course, you will be able to take the exam online at the end of the course. All other exams are delivered through Prometric and VUE testing centers.
For self-study students, you must pay an additional $100 eligibility application fee and submit a record of two years of information security-related work experience endorsed by your employer. f you do not possess the required work experience, you may send a request detailing your educational background – these requests are reviewed on a case basis.

In order to be considered for the EC-Council exam without attending training, candidates must first be approved via the eligibility application process. (You will need to pay USD 100 as a non-refundable application fee). Exam Voucher Price :
  • Pearson Vue voucher ($1199)
  • ECC exam voucher ($950)
Attend Official Training
If a candidate has completed an official EC-Council training either at an Accredited Training Center, via the iClass platform, or at an approved academic institution, the candidate is eligible to attempt the relevant EC-Council exam without going through the application process.
I have pursued CEHv10 official training program from Mercury Solutions recently, they provide 5 days training, hands-on labs, mock test from industry experts. I must say, it was really a boost for my career and to clear the CEH exam on the last day of training. Mercury Solutions have the best training pool and they are recognized as one of the recognized Authorized Training Centers of EC-Council.
An ideal way is to pursue official training and clear the exam at first go. All the best!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What is the scope of Microsoft Azure?

Cloud Computing is making big stories these days. And Microsoft being one of the technology giants has the major share of the market [of 40% in cloud computing] in virtualization technologies owing to its widespread popularity. Cloud Computing being the latest technology is taking the world by storm and all the enterprizes be it mid-size or big corporations are migrating to cloud architecture. In many MNCs, it has already being used with great success and Microsoft leading the charts by launching the most popular Azure technology off lately. 

With the onset of Virtual technology use in the market, more and more professionals are needed in the workforce by the organization to support them with the handling, maintenance, and other support services. Due to this demand among the hiring managers, Microsoft Azure credentials are a must. Hiring managers are looking for people with Microsoft Azure certification. If one is on the other side of the table, gaining Microsoft certification is not a child’s play. To understand the technology concepts, one needs to pursue a Microsoft Azure training course from a recognized source. 

To know about the product and to understand cloud storage better, one needs to undergo a Microsoft Azure training courses as per your experience and interest in technology or job roles. Interestingly, the Azure technology is more than mere cloud servicing with Windows platform, it has a wide variety of cloud computing services that works with Linux distributions as well and other Operating Systems as well. When you learn about the technologies in the Microsoft Azure Certification program, all the above knowledge can be gained. 

What is the Scope of Aure in the market in the year 2020 onwards?

Well, the unique features and uses of Azure technologies make Microsoft Azure the most sought-after technology in Cloud Computing Sphere and is sure to reign the industry in the coming years. 

Unique Uses of Microsoft Azure:

  • Solving the Problems of the start-ups: Those who learn about the Azure technologies get to know how it all has solved issues faced by start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. When you prepare for the conceptual topics on accounts and subscriptions are taught to the aspirants. 
  • Website Hosting: You get to learn about the latest and most effective method of web hosting for Microsoft Azure websites. With the help of this, they build knowledge on the integration of Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager, Redis Cache, and Microsoft Azure CDN into the Azure Websites deployment.  
  • Types of Data Storage: Using Azure data cloud, aspirants get to learn about different types of storage using the Azure data cloud. They also work on code examples to get comfortable with the technology.
  • Virtual Machines templates: You learn about the different Virtual Machine templates in the gallery. They get to explore configuration, management and monitoring techniques. 

Rapid growth in the past: Immense scope of Microsoft Azure in future

Needless to say that Microsoft Azure has come a long way since 2010 when it was started. It is now recognized as a major platform serving the major market in cloud computing market today. As the market base of Microsoft, services was always the best, so when they shifted to cloud services Microsoft gave them a reliable source to move and scale-up. It was a major transition when the entirely new category of services along with increased technicality was added. Among which was Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines which was an IaaS computing platform. There are many elements which increase the scope of learning and career upon attaining certification in Azure technologies. These elements are - understanding of the networking features, configuring Azure to monitor and autoscale and managing Azure Virtual Machine images. 

To sum it up: 

Azure technology by virtue of being the part of Microsoft is here to stay for a long time. For IT professionals who wish to make their profile future proof, this is the way to go. It is going to hold the market in the coming years and there would be a dearth of certified and skilled professionals in Azure. It is still in its growing stages and bound to give you the best salaries in the future. All the best!

Monday, August 26, 2019

AWS Certification Cost, scope and salary?

AWS Solutions Architect Certification Preparation, Salary, Skills & benefits: An Ultimate Guide
AWS Certified Solutions Architect career path is highly in-demand among IT professionals seeking a career in cloud and virtualization. Owing to its widespread demand among IT hiring managers, every IT professional wants to tread the path that AWS covers through the services and resources provided by Amazon services in breadth. Before we embark upon the informational journey of Amazon’s Solutions Architect features. Let us find out the role and responsibilities of Solutions Architect in general.
Role of Solutions Architect:
Needless to say, Solutions Architect is a challenging role and it is not completely technical and not solely business-oriented as well. It is a mix of both the world, a perfect amalgamation and hence the job-role would include the combination of both the responsibilities. You, as a Solutions Architect, be responsible for implementing a design to make sure that it brings the various kinds of characteristics ensuring resilience and elasticity.
As per a leading salary survey website, the national average for a Solutions Architect is $122,087 (in the United States). This data is based on various salaries submitted anonymously to the website by various Solutions Architect employees.
What is the demand like, in the industry, currently?
Companies, these days, are looking for (head-hunting for) Solutions Architects. IT professionals skilled in such KRAs and path aligns their career goal to make it futuristic, as AWS technology is here to stay. To ace such an interview, you need to have a background on the role and AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. This can be attained only through well-strategic and laid-out training program.
AWS certification is intended to verify your advanced technical skills and experience in handling designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. AWS Certified Solutions Architect path offers a strong foundation for other certifications as well and it is mostly about architecture rather than implementation.
Benefits of AWS you cannot turn a blind eye to:
There are some exceptional advantages of AWS certifications and if you are at an edge need to get your AWS certification, check out the below-mentioned major benefits. The market share of AWS is 33 percent and increasing every year. In such a scenario, you got to know all the hidden benefits of attaining AWS credentials.
Skilled AWS experts are high in-demand: Needless to say, that a technology which is holding 33 percent market share, and giving major competition to biggies such as Microsoft, VMware, and Google and achieving year to year growth is likely to dominate the cloud computing market even more in the coming days. In such an era it can be well considered that AWS credentials are going to be extremely lucrative for every professional who wants to take-up cloud as a career.
Increased Earning Potential: As per a recent survey from one of the most renowned sources, it has been observed that average salaries of AWS professionals have increased by 25.9 percentThere are several respondents, mostly certified, who reported an average annual income of $113,932 USD and the non-certified peers as $90,512 USD as annual average earnings. This clearly shows that you would be earning way more than your non-certified peers.
Display your commitment to the profession: When you earn a certification in your domain or professional, it clearly reflects the level of time, effort, and commitment to your profession and career. When you demonstrate such a level of commitment, you improve an overall impression of potential colleagues, employers, and partners.
Edge in the Hiring Process: AWS certification, undoubtedly, will offer you an added edge over other non-certified peers. The certification will help you in the spotlight among others. It is studied that hiring recruiters always favor candidates with globally acclaimed certifications.
AWS Certification is easy to achieve: AWS certification it is not a time-taking job, with proper guidance and right approach it can be achieved than other comparable certifications.
AWS is the future of tomorrow’s professionals. With the changing technology sphere, the need of the industry is also changing making AWS an indispensable part of the organization.