Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it?

In today’s world, when the IT companies are shifting towards the cloud, being Microsoft certified for the same holds a certain value that would really help professionals to get a rewarding career and future-proofed profile, in this field. There is no doubt that being certified provides you with better chances of being considered for an interview or getting a job. However, Azure is one of the top cloud computing platforms and being certified in it showcases your expertise in the domain.
I would suggest that you should look for some training to get this credential. I took my training from the Mercury Solutions when I had to clear the exam to get certified in Azure.
I took Live Virtual Classes (LVC) which was a 3-day training in Azure. I must say that the training prepared me well for the exam and I was able to clear it.
It will be beneficial in various ways:
  • Getting certified for a Microsoft credential would definitely be an extra pair of hands for you to get better job opportunities in the field.
  • A Microsoft certified professional brings in a sum of $145,438-$157,834 on an average.
  • Clearing this exam would help you get recognition and would promote better career growth.
So, the answer to your question is that Microsoft Azure training is definitely worth it and you should go for it if you are looking to pace forward in this field. All the best!

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