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Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it?

In today’s world, when the IT companies are shifting towards the cloud, being Microsoft certified for the same holds a certain value that would really help professionals to get a rewarding career and future-proofed profile, in this field. There is no doubt that being certified provides you with better chances of being considered for an interview or getting a job. However, Azure is one of the top cloud computing platforms and being certified in it showcases your expertise in the domain.
I would suggest that you should look for some training to get this credential. I took my training from the Mercury Solutions when I had to clear the exam to get certified in Azure.
I took Live Virtual Classes (LVC) which was a 3-day training in Azure. I must say that the training prepared me well for the exam and I was able to clear it.
It will be beneficial in various ways:
  • Getting certified for a Microsoft credential would definitely be an extra pair of hands for you to get better job opportunities in the field.
  • A Microsoft certified professional brings in a sum of $145,438-$157,834 on an average.
  • Clearing this exam would help you get recognition and would promote better career growth.
So, the answer to your question is that Microsoft Azure training is definitely worth it and you should go for it if you are looking to pace forward in this field. All the best!

Which azure certification should a beginner take?

To begin with, in cloud technology, one needs to have a basic knowledge of network topologies, devices, firewalls, and virtualization. Once you attain some kind of knowledge on the above domains, then you may seek for the domains that you have an interest in.
This background knowledge and minimum experience with hands-on networking or development or administrator technology will enable you to understand the Cloud Computing concepts and models easily when you opt for further learning into Azure.

Previously, there were simple paths – MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate), after completing MTA – (Microsoft Technology Associate). And then there were two exams, either you can go for “70–532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” or “70–533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions”. So, once you pass the exam you attain the MCSA credential.
However, things have changed now, with the launch of new Azure role-based certification. Each of the main 3 domains i.e – Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, require role-specific skills and knowledge.
  1. While, for Azure solutions architect expert you require proficiency in Azure administration, development, and expert-level skills, For
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credentials you need – proficiency in using PowerShell, Azure Portal, ARM templates, operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking.
  3. And for Azure Developer Associate certification, you require to have proficiency in developing apps & services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, computer, and communications and Ideally, a candidate must have at least 1-year of software development experience and skilled in at least one cloud-supported programing language.
There are more roles and exams that are going to be launched soon in the first quarter of 2019. Stay tuned for that.
Alternatively, for those who already have attained the previous exams they can simply give the transition exams and attain the newly launched skills and prove their mettle in this swiftly evolving Microsoft Azure playground.

What is the cost for the EC Council CEH exam only, not training?

To become an ethical hacker, you need to attend CEH Official training and clear the exam. If you choose to attend an officially authorized corresponding training course, you will be able to take the exam online at the end of the course. All other exams are delivered through Prometric and VUE testing centers.
For self-study students, you must pay an additional $100 eligibility application fee and submit a record of two years of information security-related work experience endorsed by your employer. f you do not possess the required work experience, you may send a request detailing your educational background – these requests are reviewed on a case basis.

In order to be considered for the EC-Council exam without attending training, candidates must first be approved via the eligibility application process. (You will need to pay USD 100 as a non-refundable application fee). Exam Voucher Price :
  • Pearson Vue voucher ($1199)
  • ECC exam voucher ($950)
Attend Official Training
If a candidate has completed an official EC-Council training either at an Accredited Training Center, via the iClass platform, or at an approved academic institution, the candidate is eligible to attempt the relevant EC-Council exam without going through the application process.
I have pursued CEHv10 official training program from Mercury Solutions recently, they provide 5 days training, hands-on labs, mock test from industry experts. I must say, it was really a boost for my career and to clear the CEH exam on the last day of training. Mercury Solutions have the best training pool and they are recognized as one of the recognized Authorized Training Centers of EC-Council.
An ideal way is to pursue official training and clear the exam at first go. All the best!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What is the scope of Microsoft Azure?

Cloud Computing is making big stories these days. And Microsoft being one of the technology giants has the major share of the market [of 40% in cloud computing] in virtualization technologies owing to its widespread popularity. Cloud Computing being the latest technology is taking the world by storm and all the enterprizes be it mid-size or big corporations are migrating to cloud architecture. In many MNCs, it has already being used with great success and Microsoft leading the charts by launching the most popular Azure technology off lately. 

With the onset of Virtual technology use in the market, more and more professionals are needed in the workforce by the organization to support them with the handling, maintenance, and other support services. Due to this demand among the hiring managers, Microsoft Azure credentials are a must. Hiring managers are looking for people with Microsoft Azure certification. If one is on the other side of the table, gaining Microsoft certification is not a child’s play. To understand the technology concepts, one needs to pursue a Microsoft Azure training course from a recognized source. 

To know about the product and to understand cloud storage better, one needs to undergo a Microsoft Azure training courses as per your experience and interest in technology or job roles. Interestingly, the Azure technology is more than mere cloud servicing with Windows platform, it has a wide variety of cloud computing services that works with Linux distributions as well and other Operating Systems as well. When you learn about the technologies in the Microsoft Azure Certification program, all the above knowledge can be gained. 

What is the Scope of Aure in the market in the year 2020 onwards?

Well, the unique features and uses of Azure technologies make Microsoft Azure the most sought-after technology in Cloud Computing Sphere and is sure to reign the industry in the coming years. 

Unique Uses of Microsoft Azure:

  • Solving the Problems of the start-ups: Those who learn about the Azure technologies get to know how it all has solved issues faced by start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. When you prepare for the conceptual topics on accounts and subscriptions are taught to the aspirants. 
  • Website Hosting: You get to learn about the latest and most effective method of web hosting for Microsoft Azure websites. With the help of this, they build knowledge on the integration of Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager, Redis Cache, and Microsoft Azure CDN into the Azure Websites deployment.  
  • Types of Data Storage: Using Azure data cloud, aspirants get to learn about different types of storage using the Azure data cloud. They also work on code examples to get comfortable with the technology.
  • Virtual Machines templates: You learn about the different Virtual Machine templates in the gallery. They get to explore configuration, management and monitoring techniques. 

Rapid growth in the past: Immense scope of Microsoft Azure in future

Needless to say that Microsoft Azure has come a long way since 2010 when it was started. It is now recognized as a major platform serving the major market in cloud computing market today. As the market base of Microsoft, services was always the best, so when they shifted to cloud services Microsoft gave them a reliable source to move and scale-up. It was a major transition when the entirely new category of services along with increased technicality was added. Among which was Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines which was an IaaS computing platform. There are many elements which increase the scope of learning and career upon attaining certification in Azure technologies. These elements are - understanding of the networking features, configuring Azure to monitor and autoscale and managing Azure Virtual Machine images. 

To sum it up: 

Azure technology by virtue of being the part of Microsoft is here to stay for a long time. For IT professionals who wish to make their profile future proof, this is the way to go. It is going to hold the market in the coming years and there would be a dearth of certified and skilled professionals in Azure. It is still in its growing stages and bound to give you the best salaries in the future. All the best!

Monday, August 26, 2019

AWS Certification Cost, scope and salary?

AWS Solutions Architect Certification Preparation, Salary, Skills & benefits: An Ultimate Guide
AWS Certified Solutions Architect career path is highly in-demand among IT professionals seeking a career in cloud and virtualization. Owing to its widespread demand among IT hiring managers, every IT professional wants to tread the path that AWS covers through the services and resources provided by Amazon services in breadth. Before we embark upon the informational journey of Amazon’s Solutions Architect features. Let us find out the role and responsibilities of Solutions Architect in general.
Role of Solutions Architect:
Needless to say, Solutions Architect is a challenging role and it is not completely technical and not solely business-oriented as well. It is a mix of both the world, a perfect amalgamation and hence the job-role would include the combination of both the responsibilities. You, as a Solutions Architect, be responsible for implementing a design to make sure that it brings the various kinds of characteristics ensuring resilience and elasticity.
As per a leading salary survey website, the national average for a Solutions Architect is $122,087 (in the United States). This data is based on various salaries submitted anonymously to the website by various Solutions Architect employees.
What is the demand like, in the industry, currently?
Companies, these days, are looking for (head-hunting for) Solutions Architects. IT professionals skilled in such KRAs and path aligns their career goal to make it futuristic, as AWS technology is here to stay. To ace such an interview, you need to have a background on the role and AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. This can be attained only through well-strategic and laid-out training program.
AWS certification is intended to verify your advanced technical skills and experience in handling designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. AWS Certified Solutions Architect path offers a strong foundation for other certifications as well and it is mostly about architecture rather than implementation.
Benefits of AWS you cannot turn a blind eye to:
There are some exceptional advantages of AWS certifications and if you are at an edge need to get your AWS certification, check out the below-mentioned major benefits. The market share of AWS is 33 percent and increasing every year. In such a scenario, you got to know all the hidden benefits of attaining AWS credentials.
Skilled AWS experts are high in-demand: Needless to say, that a technology which is holding 33 percent market share, and giving major competition to biggies such as Microsoft, VMware, and Google and achieving year to year growth is likely to dominate the cloud computing market even more in the coming days. In such an era it can be well considered that AWS credentials are going to be extremely lucrative for every professional who wants to take-up cloud as a career.
Increased Earning Potential: As per a recent survey from one of the most renowned sources, it has been observed that average salaries of AWS professionals have increased by 25.9 percentThere are several respondents, mostly certified, who reported an average annual income of $113,932 USD and the non-certified peers as $90,512 USD as annual average earnings. This clearly shows that you would be earning way more than your non-certified peers.
Display your commitment to the profession: When you earn a certification in your domain or professional, it clearly reflects the level of time, effort, and commitment to your profession and career. When you demonstrate such a level of commitment, you improve an overall impression of potential colleagues, employers, and partners.
Edge in the Hiring Process: AWS certification, undoubtedly, will offer you an added edge over other non-certified peers. The certification will help you in the spotlight among others. It is studied that hiring recruiters always favor candidates with globally acclaimed certifications.
AWS Certification is easy to achieve: AWS certification it is not a time-taking job, with proper guidance and right approach it can be achieved than other comparable certifications.
AWS is the future of tomorrow’s professionals. With the changing technology sphere, the need of the industry is also changing making AWS an indispensable part of the organization.

Friday, August 23, 2019

What Is Microsoft Azure Certification!

Microsoft Azure Certification is the Certification in Cloud Computing Provided by Microsoft Organization. To get this you need to clear one of the toughest cloud computing certification exam named Microsoft Azure Certification Exam. Microsoft Azure certification is designed to demonstrate develop-level knowledge on designing, building, testing and maintaining cloud solutions such as applications and services.

Benefits Of Microsoft Azure Certification Exam

With Azure technologies [cloud technologies of Microsoft] Microsoft leveraged its constantly-expanding worldwide network of data centers to create Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere.
Microsoft Azure certification exams help you differentiate yourself and validate your knowledge and skills.

Owing to the rising demands of Cloud technology in the industry these days, certified professionals are getting paid really well.
However, achieving the certification needs a strategic preparation plan, and well-laid program plan to equip you with key concepts, lab practice, and Mock exam practice questions. All this you may achieve only with Microsoft Azure exam prep training program. One of the top companies that deliver best-in-class Azure training is Mercury Solutions, they have a very high passing percentage and multiple flexible training modes of delivery. You must look for their upcoming batch dates and fee offers by getting a callback or call at their number, you may also chat online.
Going for a training program is your ultimate go-to-approach. All the best! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Understanding the CISA Exam Difficulty: How Hard is the CISA Exam?

How difficult is the CISA Exam? is the most common question that every aspirant have in mind. This is the most common dilemma that we often face as an aspirant of CISA credential. It is partially because of the subjective matter; however, there are few general aspects also upon which we shall try to figure out its difficulty level. The proper method to figure that out is by comparing it with other exams and qualifications, observations and comments from past test-takers us break it bit by bit and get clarity at every level.
So, to begin with, let us first understand the goal of that particular exam and what is that they measure to get a better understanding of the parameters and proficiency in which they are judging the candidate.
Aim of the CISA Exam:
The first step is to understand that the goal of the program exam is to validate the understanding and comprehension of the information contained in the curriculum. You pass the CISA exam when you have a proven understanding of the concepts and information contained within the exam. The CISA exam has a broader focus and goal of the CISA exam is to show that you have the knowledge and experience required for any job role that requires the CISA certification. Acquiring CISA certification demonstrates that you have gained and maintained the required skills to become a valuable asset to your organization in your field. As per ISACA, CISA a credential which is preferred among individuals and organization possessing IS audit, control and security skills across the world.
CISA primarily is designed for professionals with work exposure in Information System Auditing and it is a way to distinguish these professionals from those who are not qualified and certified. It can assist you in gaining higher quality for a new position or a raise or employment at a new organization or at your company, besides other benefits.
CISA Exam Content — Difficulty Level
As compared to other exams in the niche, it isn’t considered particularly very tough to crack. If we talk about the exam content and syllabus, the exam consists of only 150 questions, which is a lighter one that most aspirants and successful professionals would agree to. It covers basic knowledge on a wide range of topics versus the specific knowledge in a particular topic. It depends on your learning style and previous experience, it could be both easy and tough. Interestingly, since this certification requires 5 years of experience and therefore is not intended for that information on the exam that is easier and for someone who is just starting their career.
Job Profiles: Difficulty Levels
So, when talking about the job profiles for those who are starting out, it is always easier for those who have a couple of years experience than people who have no relevant experience in the field. It is known for a fact, that people who take CISA have already been working in the industry for 5 years and their perception or experience of the exam will vary. So, in the CISA exam also, it is completely a subjective matter.
Although, it is known that they have increased the difficulty level over the years has been increased with the evolving times and standards in the industry and hence the opinions can vary significantly.

Questions & CISA Exam Format

Now, let us figure out how many questions are there in CISA and what is the format.
Total Questions: 150
The number of questions has been reduced to 150 from 200. Total duration you have is of 4 hours to complete the exam, which is typically more than sufficient for anyone who wants to attempt the complete exam.
Material Covered
Let’s take a look at what kind of material you will find in these CISA exam questions. The exam questions cover all the five domains of CISA; however, there have been changes in the weightage of the five domains.
So, the best way is to prepare for the exam is upon gaining certain eligible experience and take up a training program for better preparation and increasing the passing chances. To sum up, it is always better to get a first-hand experience of the exam and study material, instead of going by the views presented by others as it is a completely subjective matter. All the best!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What are good sources for Microsoft Azure Certification preparation?

Well, there are several methods to study these days, one of the methods a self-study that we people often rely on, for all our learning needs, as it is the most adaptable method to acquire learning; however, Microsoft Azure is not simply on-the-go certification that you can acquire. To pass the Azure certification, you need to pursue a well-strategized and intensive learning program, in order to attain the certification.

One must look for authorized and recognized training provider with best industry exposure and years of experience in delivering training programs and a popular one. Microsoft Azure training program is not a cakewalk.
Some of the special features that you must look for in a training program are:
  • Interactive learning environment.
  • Conducive Learning environment.
  • Hands-on Labs Practice.
  • Mock Exam [Live, if possible].
  • Exam Simulators
  • Engaging Study Material.
  • Doubt Clearing lectures.
  • LMS Access for video class recording.
  • And other sample questions for exam practice.
Well, all these features are a must these days, to receive an exam passing assurance from the training provider, no matter which mode of training you opt for.
One of the best Azure training companies in Azure is Mercury Solutions, it is among the best training programs with nearly 20 years of exposure in delivering training to global participants in flexible modes. They are learning partners of Microsoft and deliver all the above-mentioned features in their intensive training program. Among aspirants, they are very popular these days with very high passing percentage. Look for their upcoming batch dates and talk to their training consultants to seek guidance for free over chat or just drop a query for a callback.
All the best!

What Are The Benefits Of An AWS Certified Developer?

Here Are Few top reasons for AWS Certified Developer and benefits:

Cloud Computing is a boost for the workforce and off late every industry has recognized its significance. Amazon holds the best position when we talk about Cloud Computing Services or technology. AWS benefits by providing the best infrastructure and capacity at a minimum price. Implementation reduces the workload and professionals and entrepreneurs can focus on other departments and built different ideas and building businesses. The AWS Certified Developer provides individuals in a larger variety of cloud and technology roles with a way to validate their AWS Cloud knowledge and enhance their professional credibility. This exam covers four domains, including cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing. 

Needless to say that Cloud computing offers one of the most promising career opportunities for technology professionals in India. According to a recent salary survey, the average wage for AWS certified individuals is $113,932. Here is a breakdown of average salary by AWS certificate (U.S. and Canada only): AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: $119,233.

Which make it an extremely lucrative career option for aspirants in Cloud Computing and AWS. 
So the top benefits are:

Knowledge and Skills upgrade
Rewarding & Pay Increase
Future Proof Your Career
Recognition of your skills

However, attaining the AWS certification is not a cakewalk, you need to pursue a strategic approach and training. One of the most popular training providers is Mercury Solutions, that can provide the best training with industry expert trainers and LMS access for video recordings with engaging study material and Mock Tests. 

You can go for their online guidance for free or just drop a query to get a callback. All the best! Go for your dreams. It is worth every penny spent and efforts you will put in.

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What Are The Code Of Ethics For PMP?

PMI has laid out certain Code of Ethics for all PMI members not only for PMP professionals. However, being a PMP there is a certain code of ethics that you must adhere to in order to keep your credential in good standing.
Ethics is about making decisions concerning processes, people, resources, and environment is the best manner and professional manner possible. Ethical choices reduce risk, advance positive results and increase trust, which determines long term success. A good leader must follow ethical choices and practices. And that’s exactly what PMI promotes and make sure. 

PMI members must reflect honesty, responsibility, respect, and fairness as main values that drive ethical conduct for PMPs and PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applies those values to real-life. They have describes all these codes of ethics into chapters.
Such as:
Upon certification, they make sure that every PMI certified professionals follow these Code of Ethics and maintain their CPEs. However, attaining PMP certification requires a great deal of effort and strategic training. There are few good PMP training providers who deliver best-in-class programs and equip you with mandatory 35 contact study hours to appear for the exam and pass it in the first attempt. One of the best PMP training providers is Mercury Solutions. They have a high passing percentage and deliver quality training from best instructors. And you get the best exposure to Certified Instructors’ lectures and doubt-clearing support. You can seek online guidance from Chat support, also can directly drop them an inquiry for a callback.

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Is CEH Certification really worth?

A well-recognized dilemma, ‘…whether to go for CEH Certification for Cyber Security Career progress’, is faced by many IT professionals these days who want to ensure that their time and resources must be utilized in a proper manner and must not be wasted. So, they are always concerned about whether it is the right decision to become an ethical hacker and taking CEH certification worth the effort or not. Now, the answer to all these questions is only one. If anyone is interested in making a career investment in information security domain based on the knowledge alone, CEH certification is your way ahead for a rewarding Infosec career.
EC-Council claims that CEH is one of their flagship courses that set the standard for what the world has come to expect from Ethical hacking domain.
There are recent surveys performed this year that clearly shows that acquiring cybersecurity skills in inevitable and the most important way to take your career forward among other credentials. Cybersecurity is expected to be in demand based on the recent data results and performances. Research reports and predictions performed by various cybersecurity market leaders confirms that the market is going to increase for cybersecurity professionals owing to multiple reasons prevailing in the industry (threat of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities) and CEH being the stepping stone to all the higher grade credentials is the only way forward to step-up your Infosec career.
Let’s figure out three top reasons to begin your CEH Training and attain Get CEH Certified:
ACHIEVE BETTER SALARY: Attaining better salaries is one of the most worthwhile reasons to get CEH certification. You are in-demand industry-wise and also across domains with an average salary of a CEH is around $60,000 and growing with each passing day and the highest is as high as $1,50,000 as per your job title and past exposure. However, whatever your experience is you are sure to make an immense improvement in your remuneration. Besides, getting a quick hike in the salary you also qualify for other higher-level information security certifications and become eligible for other positions when you are looking for options outside.
So, CEH certification is an investment when you compare the cost of taking the CEH Training and certification to the kind of remuneration it provides you.
Many companies these days are sponsoring corporate training of CEH for in-house employees. So, if you can get your training covered by your employer nothing like it. Enterprizes these days are not holding back from investing in upskilling employees. This, in turn, gets them better retention and always increase the quality of their resource pool. So, in the longer run, for the enterprizes, this investment always pay them for ROI and the spending proves trivial. Because the expenditure spends on imparted on On-job-training for every employee who leaves and the newcomer who joins is an extra cost incurred by the organization. Learning and development is a major reason why IT professional often leaves their present employer. In a recent survey, it is clearly mentioned that more employees are leaving due to lack of learning and upskilling and in these times nobody wants to be obsolete. So, it is a blessing in disguise for companies. Another major cost-saving factor is instead of hiring certified experts, if a company upskill an existing employee, they can bring positive impact to the resource pool and save cost at the same time. It is a win-win situation for both parties, hence suggesting your employer to impart corporate CEH training is the way to go forward.
CEH doesn’t need to be where you stop on the path to career advancement. With this certification and some experience in your kitty, you can earn even higher-level certifications such as CISSP and even get a better job opportunity and can easily get your salary to triple digits.
FULFILL DoD COMPLIANCE: For those who are interested in the Department of Defense (DoD) world getting certified is a must. And EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker certification fulfills the DoD requirements for the various roles, such as a Security Analyst, Security Infrastructure Support, Incident responder, Auditor Roles. So, there was quite some demand and supply mismatch and DoD was not able to find such qualified professionals, hence these certifications have become popular. DoD contractors all over the world attaining CEH offer a unique kind of job security no matter where you go. With the demand at a record high and professionals certified professional in supply crunch, the rewards that they get is high.
GAIN JOB SECURITY, BECOME FUTURE-PROOF: The rate at which cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities are rising with every passing day, causing billions of dollars of damage to organizations, across the world, the job profile in this domain is highly in demand. Such high demand from the industry is compelling the skill development of the professionals and many are migrating their career and others are choosing to go for the infosec career owing to the rising rewards that the domain holds. It is cost-effective for every company, whether small-sized, mid-sized or large to have professionals skilled and certified in infosec credentials and skills instead of hiring agencies and taking services to manage and implement their networks and infrastructure from hacking and other vulnerabilities. Industry Data shows that the sector is going to have incredible job growth of 20% until 2024, which the young graduates and pursuing graduates will love to opt.
Future of Cyber Security — CEH in the Age of CyberSpace:
We are becoming highly connected and the future is promising for Cyberspace and digital era. In this age — the age of cyberspace advancements, Cybersecurity will hold the central role, as predicted by the leader of Information technology and other researchers. Even, we can sense that the role of cyberspace in our lives and businesses is going to be even larger in due course of time.
Needless to say that these days, most of our critical systems are interconnected and driven by computers and in the future, the connections will be even tighter. The decision making will be converted from manual to automated and we need to keep up with the changing trends.
Things have started changing already. One simple example is the implementation of virtual assistants and IoT connected devices Going forward it will be a part of the everyday lives of the masses. Everyone wants comfort and ease so, connected cars for daily commutation will be easier and virtually all the personal data will reside in the cloud and we don’t really control the data flow and access to information. With this growing complexity and connectivity of these systems, the things will directly impact the vulnerability level and the need to protect the systems and understanding the cyber attacking state and motive will become the central aim. The professional who would be undertaking such a task will be more in demand and will have future-proofed careers.
These mentioned reasons clearly shout at the fact that CEH certification is worth all the resources and effort you make and the time you spend. Go for the goal. All the best!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The best Microsoft Azure Training!

Microsoft Azure has emerged as one of the most effective cloud service suppliers and
therefore the organizations are considering the Azure platform to run their computer
system on. this can be as a result of the procedure power of this technology matches
the wants of the evolving IT trade.

If you're carving your career within the cloud technologies, that too in Microsoft Azure,
then the most effective thanks to advance forth is to urge trained to reinforce your skills.

For making the most effective selection for the Azure coaching, you need to be conscious
concerning your existing cloud skills within the Azure platform and your instructional and
career background.
For associate Azure Certification, the professionals are certified by Microsoft that holds
substantial price within the IT trade, Microsoft Azure certification is in nice demand since
most of the growing firms tend to be supported Windows or UNIX operating system.

This certification provides you with nice recognition within the trade, showcases your
potential during this domain and additionally boosts your pay with a hike.

Job Roles & Average Salaries for professionals delicate in Microsoft Azure:

  • Software Engineer: $83,879
  • Systems Administrator: $60,834
  • Senior package Engineer: $111,885
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer: $91,251
  • Software Developer: $69,852
  • Cloud Solutions Architect: $131,268
  • Information Technology (IT) Consultant: $76,458

Microsoft has revamped its certification courses with the most recent updates to come back
up with new role-based courses.
Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions designer and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
and are extremely in demand on the CVs of the Cloud professionals.

To get certified for these Azure credentials, you'd have to be compelled to take the exams for
them, the foremost recognized Certifications have supported the examinations:

  • AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and preparation, and
  • AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security.

You must take the Azure coaching for these exams from licensed coaching suppliers wherever
you may get nice coaching facilities. the advantages of obtaining the coaching from a certified
coaching supplier are:

  • The coaching is short-termed and extremely result-oriented.
  • You are radio-controlled by the trade consultants within the coaching sessions.
  • Hands-on coaching is provided in well-designed labs.
  • Mock Sessions and communicating Simulators assist you to observe for the communicating.
  • You will be given 24*7 access to the coaching sessions, in conjunction with terribly capable reference material and courseware.

    Cloud Computing is one in every of the most effective fields to carve your career in and
    possessing the Microsoft Azure credentials on your CV makes it easier for you to urge
    shortlisted for the interviews by the recruiters. So, proceed and take the Azure coaching
    to earn the certification and world recognition for obtaining the most effective out of your
    cloud career. All the best!