Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What is the scope of Microsoft Azure?

Cloud Computing is making big stories these days. And Microsoft being one of the technology giants has the major share of the market [of 40% in cloud computing] in virtualization technologies owing to its widespread popularity. Cloud Computing being the latest technology is taking the world by storm and all the enterprizes be it mid-size or big corporations are migrating to cloud architecture. In many MNCs, it has already being used with great success and Microsoft leading the charts by launching the most popular Azure technology off lately. 

With the onset of Virtual technology use in the market, more and more professionals are needed in the workforce by the organization to support them with the handling, maintenance, and other support services. Due to this demand among the hiring managers, Microsoft Azure credentials are a must. Hiring managers are looking for people with Microsoft Azure certification. If one is on the other side of the table, gaining Microsoft certification is not a child’s play. To understand the technology concepts, one needs to pursue a Microsoft Azure training course from a recognized source. 

To know about the product and to understand cloud storage better, one needs to undergo a Microsoft Azure training courses as per your experience and interest in technology or job roles. Interestingly, the Azure technology is more than mere cloud servicing with Windows platform, it has a wide variety of cloud computing services that works with Linux distributions as well and other Operating Systems as well. When you learn about the technologies in the Microsoft Azure Certification program, all the above knowledge can be gained. 

What is the Scope of Aure in the market in the year 2020 onwards?

Well, the unique features and uses of Azure technologies make Microsoft Azure the most sought-after technology in Cloud Computing Sphere and is sure to reign the industry in the coming years. 

Unique Uses of Microsoft Azure:

  • Solving the Problems of the start-ups: Those who learn about the Azure technologies get to know how it all has solved issues faced by start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. When you prepare for the conceptual topics on accounts and subscriptions are taught to the aspirants. 
  • Website Hosting: You get to learn about the latest and most effective method of web hosting for Microsoft Azure websites. With the help of this, they build knowledge on the integration of Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager, Redis Cache, and Microsoft Azure CDN into the Azure Websites deployment.  
  • Types of Data Storage: Using Azure data cloud, aspirants get to learn about different types of storage using the Azure data cloud. They also work on code examples to get comfortable with the technology.
  • Virtual Machines templates: You learn about the different Virtual Machine templates in the gallery. They get to explore configuration, management and monitoring techniques. 

Rapid growth in the past: Immense scope of Microsoft Azure in future

Needless to say that Microsoft Azure has come a long way since 2010 when it was started. It is now recognized as a major platform serving the major market in cloud computing market today. As the market base of Microsoft, services was always the best, so when they shifted to cloud services Microsoft gave them a reliable source to move and scale-up. It was a major transition when the entirely new category of services along with increased technicality was added. Among which was Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines which was an IaaS computing platform. There are many elements which increase the scope of learning and career upon attaining certification in Azure technologies. These elements are - understanding of the networking features, configuring Azure to monitor and autoscale and managing Azure Virtual Machine images. 

To sum it up: 

Azure technology by virtue of being the part of Microsoft is here to stay for a long time. For IT professionals who wish to make their profile future proof, this is the way to go. It is going to hold the market in the coming years and there would be a dearth of certified and skilled professionals in Azure. It is still in its growing stages and bound to give you the best salaries in the future. All the best!

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